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30 things by 30?

I've decided to make a list of the things I want to do in the next year.  Compiled of things I want to learn or enjoy or be.  Let's see how many of these I can accomplish by the time July 1, 2012 rolls around!  And then as I complete one I'll blog about it!
1.  try Thai food
2.  finish reading Forgotten God and Erasing Hell
3.  do an intensive study on the book of Acts
4.  do something with my hair I've never done before
5.  shop in a regular size clothing store!!!
6.  learn to sew
7.  clean out my craft supplies
8.  go on a date-a real one
9.  spend a weekend in Vancouver
10. attend a Women's Retreat
11. keep my car clean for an entire month
12. treat myself to gift I would normally never consider
13. send a card a week to friends
14. learn to re-upholster
15. build my own headboard
16. run/walk in a marathon
17. forgive
18. go a week without making a single purchase
19. go camping
20. read the top 10 classic novels
21. pay off my credit cards
22. lose 30 more pou…