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Dreams into Reality

I have decided to make one of my dreams come true.I’ve never really been one to voice my dreams.I think because I didn’t feel I deserved to have dreams come true.But now that I have a much healthier mindset I’ve learned to think differently.When I told my mom and sisters what I’m planning to do they were all surprised because they had no idea it was my dream.
So, I’m going to Ireland.Yes, Ireland.Why Ireland?I don’t really have any legitimate explanation for that.My heart, my soul feel this tug to visit the ruined castles, the rocky cliffs, the history and the people.I have no known Irish heritage. I don’t know anyone there.I’ve wanted to go since I was little.It’s at the top of my list.
Why this “sudden”decision to go?...Why not? I’m single, I have a good job, and if I don’t do something to enjoy life, it will pass me by.YOLO is a term being thrown around way too much in my opinion but in this case it definitely applies.You only live once. I may be broke when I come back, but I’m going…