Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ireland Day 8: Dublin

This European holiday is drawing to a close...Devastating.  The week here has been better than anything I ever imagined or planned. It's made for some amazing memories...memories that I will take with me forever. 
I decided for my own memory sake to list my top 5 highlights and then lowpoints.  I've considered this blog to be my travel journal and I gotta get it down while it's still fresh or it'll be gone tomorrow...seems to be the way my brain works these days.

Top 5 High Points:
1) The people of Ireland in general, many offered directions without us having to ask, most have been gracious and welcoming, curious about us and always greeted with a kind attitude.
2) The proposal we witnessed at the Cliffs.  I just can't get past that. I'm such a romantic and that just made the already spectacular day even more incredible.
3) The Avis rental car agent.  Her attitude and excitement were so positive and she was just a really genuine person
4) The Marless House B&B in Galway...while not perfect, was the best B&B I've ever stayed in.
5) The sunsets

Top 5 Low Points:
1) Returning the rental car and GPS getting me off track multiple times
2) The smell in Cork.  it was really hard to walk around outside because we couldn't breathe without feeling like we were swallowing the smell.
3) The service at TGIF in Dublin.
4) The exchange rate my bank charged me for taking cash out of the ATM....for 200 euros it cost me $90 on top of that.  Not Ireland's issue, just a low point for the week.
5) The service at the Dublin airport Maldron hotel.  We had to change rooms twice and the housekeeping today didn't refresh the supplies or replace/wash the tea mugs.

Altogether, those low points are definitely overshadowed by the amazingness of the week.

To talk about today:
We slept in this morning. First time all week I've gotten a solid 8 hours of sleep. hooray!  We had breakfast in the restaurant at our hotel, the airport Maldron.  It was a continental buffet with all the usual Irish breakfast items...I went to grab the brown bread, and it was so hard I just left it in the basket.  After breakfast we took a cab to O'Connell Street, Dublin's normal shopping district.  I'm proud to say that even though we found several items we wanted, neither of us bought anything. 
From O'Connell we went to Temple Bar to see what we could find to eat.  Someone had suggested Elephant & Castle to us, so we went in and sat down, looking at the menu....but nothing appealed so we walked up the street to TGIF...we didn't really want that either, but we were starving at that point.  We stood by the counter for several minutes and no one came to greet we decided to sit in the bar area....still no one came to greet us, so I got up and got us menus....finally! someone saw us and came to apologize...we thought "oh good, service will be great from here on out"....we were wrong....service remained the same for the rest of the meal. 
After lunch we walked to Trinity College, founded in 1592, to view the campus.  How beautiful!!!! 
Housed in the College Library is the Book of Kells, a gospel book in Latin believed to be circa 800 AD.  Honestly, I wasn't that interested in paying the euro to see it although I would have loved to have seen the inside of the library which holds over 4 million books and manuscripts.
My best friend and several others told me that we should stop in at Queen of Tarts, a cafe and patiserrie. When we stepped inside the crowded cafe we instantly fell in love.  It's decorated in the most beautiful red color (not an obnoxious cherry red) and was filled with people.  A good sign!  We sat down at the only empty table and stared at the pastries greeting us on the counter.
We ordered tea for two along with carrot cake for mom and the walnut brownie for myself, plus a scone!  I had to see how they compared to Marless House.  The brownie was absolutely delicious.  Indescribable actually.  The scone was ok...soft which is good, but not a lot of flavor/substance.  Mom said her carrot cake was delicious.  It was only about 4pm at this point so we said "let's go look at makeup again"!  We made our way back to Grafton street, the place we had originally shopped on Saturday.  I got my eyeshadow done at MAC and I was ready to go!  I am woman, hear me roar.  There's always something about having someone else do your makeup that just makes you feel fresh.  We stumbled upon St. Stephen's Shopping Center, a place we hadn't seen last weekend, and went in. SO GLAD WE DID!  So beautiful inside...reminded me of the final scenes in Meet Me In St. Louis
Walking back to the cab area later we got the tremendous highlight of seeing the sun set over the River Liffey.  It was absolutely stunning.  The most beautiful we've seen all week, and we've seen some beautiful ones.  It was the cherry on top of my scone.  What a way to leave.
I can't believe it's over and at the same time I can't believe we've been here this long.  Mom flies out in the morning and me in the afternoon so at least I'll get a little more time to say I'm still in Ireland. :)
What a blessing this has been.  My soul is refreshed.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ireland Day 7: Cahir Castle & Rock of Cashel

One more day to go before this adventure ends...we are terribly saddened by this.
The day started with breakfast at the Belvedere Lodge, which I believe was prepared by Vince.  On the road we went after that, headed for Cahir Castle, built in 1142 (pronounced Care Castle).  I'd seen many pictures of it already and read several blog posts from other visitors.  We pulled into Cahir and there it was, downtown on the main road.  The town was built around it.
I paid the 2 hour pre-paid parking fee and we strolled across the street to get some shots of the town and the hatchery...We had arrived a few minutes before it opened so had some time to waste.  An amazing blue heron was waiting for his picture to be taken.  I don't think I've ever seen one before (or noticed anyway). 

After we paid the €6 entry fee for the both of us and "listened" to the cashier excitedly tell us about the Early Ireland Women's exhibit inside the hall, we went in to the grounds. Don't get me wrong, I'm a lover of history, I love people who have the same enthusiasm for history, I love being in historical places and thinking about all of the people who have been there before me, whether visitors or the original inhabitants.  I think about what their lives were like or might have been like.  But after the minutes long introduction, we were ready to get inside and explore on our own.
The view of the town from the top of the castle was so vibrant!  The shops and pubs each stick out because of their colors.  (American friends, notice the direction of the cars on the street)
I was most excited about Rock of Cashel today.   I considered this to be the cherry on the castle cake for the week. This fortress began it's life as a castle and in 1101 was donated to the church.  That's 900 years ago!!!!  900 years of people coming and going from this earth and it still stands. Such a remarkable structure.  It is currently having some renovations done on one side of it, but even still it is breathtaking.

The entry fee here was a little bit more at €12 for the both of us, but it was well worth it.  There were several large tour groups at the Rock at the same time...all of them being led around by guides who spoke their respective languages.  It was interesting to hear all the different versions and reactions.  I'm such a people watcher.  It did make it a little hard to soak it all in because at times it could be quite loud, especially inside the structure, but that's what you get on a Friday at a major tourist attraction.  
For our lunch I had planned via Trip Advisor that we eat at O'Neill's Restaurant located just up the street.  We were able to walk there from the  Rock and discovered that lunch wasn't being served yet.  It was 11:45 and lunch begins at 12:30. in my head: "NOOOO this is where I'm supposed to eat! TA says so!"  We asked if we could drink tea (of course) until lunch time and the ladies were more than welcoming.  We chatted with the proprietor and her waitress for several minutes while we enjoyed our tea.
 As we were sipping away, Helen O'Neill, the proprietor, was writing the specials on the board.  One of which being ling in a chive cream sauce.  We had a few good laughs as mom and I asked her what "ding" was...we had misread the sign.  
The food was excellent and prepared by Helen herself I believe.  We both ordered the roast chicken which was served with carrots, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cabbage.  I was a good girl and only ate the chicken, carrots, and cabbage....oh wait, did I mention the 3 slices of brown bread that I had?  I can say that of all the brown breads I have eaten while in Ireland, O'Neill's is the best, hands down.
It was then time to make the trip to Dublin.  It started pouring rain.  Buckets. The motorway was layered in water in some areas.  I sat up nice and straight with my hands gripping 10 and 2 and my eyes fixed on what I could see of the road.  Turns out the rainy motorway was the least of my worries. Getting to the gas station by the return terminal for the rental car was a night mare...the trusty GPS had been so on point all week and then today it decides it wants to take me the wrong way 3 different times.  I was getting pretty stressed to the point my eye was twitching from the strain.  Eventually we made our way to the gas station and got the car returned.  I should mention the AMAZING rep from Avis that gave us the rental car on Sunday, I don't know her name but I'm going to find out.  When we dropped the keys off today for the rental car, here she came popping around the corner and remembered us.  We had a good chat about the week and she gave us a map of Dublin we hadn't seen yet.  Great great great gal (with amazing eyelashes!)
Next up: Our last day in Ireland: Dublin

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ireland Day 6: Blarney Castle and on to Cork

It took me around 6 months to plan my trip and a year's worth of hard work and saving, but I poured my heart into each and every moment of planning.  And now, there are only 2 days left. I can't believe it.  It has all been incredibly worth it.
We left the Randles Court this morning a little after 8 and decided to just hit the road for Blarney Castle.  I had previously planned on us eating lunch in Blarney at the Muskerry Arms.  We pulled into Blarney around 10am and decided to just eat brunch there instead.  We had the restaurant practically to ourselves which was nice. A continental breakfast of fruits and cereals and brown bread was provided and then we were able to order off the hot menu in addition.  Both of us ordered omelets...I didn't get a picture of the omelet because I was too hungry and wolfed it down.  The brown bread here was FAR superior to the brown bread of yesterday and the omelet was delicious. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling to Blarney.

After eating we wandered across the town square headed towards the castle, passing the Blarney Chocolate Factory.
Very small inside and the chocolate was fairly priced, but we did not buy any.  I don't know why I didn't take any pics inside, it was cute!
Blarney Castle dates back to the 1400s and sits on a cliff of rock, dominating the greenery around it.  There are 126 narrow and winding steps to get to the top and it was incredibly claustrophobic, but the view from the top was absolutely beautiful. I can not even begin to imagine living in that castle, being a servant, wearing a dress and having to make my way up and down those steps multiple times a day.
Neither one of us were interested in leaning over backwards hanging off the top of the castle and kissing the Blarney Stone but it sure was fun to watch others do it....I can happily say I will not regret not kissing the stone.  I climbed up on the edges and took pictures over the side and my fear of heights majorly set in.  It was super windy up there and of course mom was over watching the people with the stone, so I was forced to suck it up and get myself down or stand up there and have a panic attack.  As you can see, I made it :).  After climbing back down the castle, we wandered through the poison garden, over to the Blarney House (which was very hard to get a good shot of because there was a group of non English speaking tourists who were completely unaware that oh yes, other people may actually want to take their pictures of the building, too.  From there we moved to the Stable Yard cafe for tea.  Of course!
Leaving Blarney we headed to Barryscourt Castle.
When we pulled up to the parking lot, a man named Finian ( i LOVE that name) greeted us and let us know that the castle was closed due to hurricane damage but that we were free to walk the grounds.  Apparently during the hurricane this past spring, the roof collapsed and the inside of the castle is majorly damaged. There was a beautiful apple orchard behind the castle that mom and I wandered seemed odd to us that it appeared no one had picked the apples in quite some time.  All of the trees were ready to be picked, many of them leaning under the weight of their supply.  Shh, I picked one.
After speaking with Finian (yes I just wanted to say his name one more time) a little bit more, we got back in the car and drove the 15 minutes to our hotel, the Belvedere Lodge.  I had read that it could be difficult to find, but I thought "we have GPS, we can get anywhere"...ummm no.  GPS did not find the Belvedere did find the street it was on though thank goodness, and I strained to see every sign on the street until finally, I spotted it.
I chose Belvedere Lodge based on multiple reviews I had read of it. We were greeted at the door by Vince, checked into the hotel, dropped off our bags, and headed to Cork City Centre.  What are my thoughts on Cork?  We greatly enjoyed walking through the English Market which has been around for 3 centuries...yes, 3 CENTURIES.

Cork did not, however, hold the Irish charm I had anticipated.  We drove to a local movie theatre, hoping to catch something good, but arrived at one of those in between times where you had to find something to do for the next hour and a half, so we ended up in Tesco (a supermarket) mostly to use the wifi, and decided we'd just rather go back to the hotel to rest since tomorrow will be a full day.
Up next: Rock of Cashel, Cahir Castle, and back to Dublin
~ps so glad we go the super insurance on the rental. I noticed today that the passenger side got scratched from the thickets on the Ring of Kerry...eek
~pps we saw multiple drive through McDonald's today...something we hadn't seen all week. But still, the number of them is far far less than in the states.
~ppss there are no public trash/waste bins anywhere to be seen!  We've put our trash in the back seat of the car and carried it into the hotels with us, to have them dispose of it....every gas (petrol) station we've come to hasn't even had trash(litter)bins at the pumps...something we Americans again take for granted

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ireland Day 5: Ring of Kerry and Killarney

Woke up this morning in the Randles Court Hotel after a much needed deep sleep.  This hotel has long corridors with motion sensor lights, huge bathrooms, a sitting room at the entry and on the front patio overlooking a horse pasture and with a view of the mountains in the distance.  It does not however have a/c (which I've heard most of the hotels in this town don't) and it was a rather stuffy night. Mom and I got ready for the day and headed to breakfast in the hotel restaurant since it was included in the cost of our room.  Entry to the dining room was rather confusing as the buffet is right up front and there's no clear sign as to whether to help yourself or wait for a server.  So we stumbled to a table and waited for a server who eventually came and thought we were with a large tour group also staying here.  When we told him we weren't, he seemed flustered...anyway, moving on, he brought us menus and said we could order what we wanted.  So I ordered scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes with the smoothie of the day and Mom ordered sausage and scrambled eggs...

Upon looking at the scrambled eggs I wasn't sure what to think...I wasn't freaked out that they were on bread, as I've done that before with my egg whites and Ezekiel toast, but what I was freaked out by was the consistency and color of I peppered them and took a bite and promptly set my fork back down, not touching them then on to the smoothie...The waiter said it was an "asberry" smoothie...I'm guessing he meant raspberry?  Either way, it was nothing like a smoothie we have in the states.  While it may look delicious, it was incredibly sour.  Mom and I were both disappointed in our meals and will be eating elsewhere tomorrow morning on our way out of town.
Off we went to drive the Ring.  Today was my least planned day of the trip.  I figured we'd just stop at the sites that jumped out at us...I wanted it to be a calm, scenic day....Well turns out the weather wanted otherwise.  We headed counterclockwise on the Ring, and rain began to drizzle down and stayed that way until mid afternoon.  Our first stop was Ballycarberry Castle, built in the 1500s.  When mom and I pulled up we were the only ones there and were able to soak it in, but shortly thereafter several cars pulled in and it began to rain a little stronger. Mom, being the adventurous one, climbed up the tower.
Next we drove back the incredibly tiny one lane road to Staigue Fort, which is thought to have been built in 300 or 400 AD.  Over 40,000 sites in Ireland have been identified as stones forts.  40,000!!!! that is an incredible number....the history lover in me is now intrigued. 
After stopping at the fort we were pretty much ready to eat anything we could find since breakfast had been so lacking.  On we went to the tiny town of Sneem.  We ate at the Village Kitchen, both of us ordering vegetable soup as a side....Irish Vegetable Soup is nothing like we were thinking, being the assuming Americans that we are....It is cream based and really we couldn't see any vegetables in it.  It came with brown bread on the side, which I have to say, we've had better.  At this point I'm sure I'm sounding like a picky eater, but I'm really was just a bad food day...because later on we ended up having amazing food...more on that in a few.
We hopped back in the car and I seemed to have forgotten the last 4 days of driving because I caught myself driving on the right side of the road as I would back home.  Quickly corrected it and drove on.  Silly foreigner!  We arrived at Torc Waterfall and I really wasn't sure what to expect since I have seen some great photos of it and some not so great.  We happened to get there at a good time when there weren't too many people yet, so we were able to take it all in.  Yes, it's a waterfall, but the difference is, it's an Irish waterfall!!!! 
We made the drive up to Muckross House to see if we wanted to stop there, but neither of us were feeling it, so we drove on to Ross Castle.  Absolutely beautiful view from there.  Of course I had to get the shot I've seen all over Pinterest of the canoes and boats in the water.  Turns out our hotel is only 1.5 miles from the Castle....more on this later.  After taking multiple shots of the castle we headed back to our hotel to freshen up and drop off the car.  Killarney Outlets here we come!  The Outlet mall isn't too far from the hotel so we walked up the couple of blocks...well, there was a Nike Factory store in it, so that was great for my fitness lovin heart, but beyond that, there was a whole lot of nothing....and I'm not exaggerating..the entire second floor of the outlet is empty.  So what do we do now? Do we go to a movie? Do we walk around town again?  We started walking through town and came to Killarney Royal Hotel...We had both said we were ready for some tea, so Mom saw on the menu outside that they had traditional afternoon tea for two.  Hooray!  I've never had this before so I was intrigued.  In we went.  Their afternoon tea is a carb lover's heaven, lemme tell ya!
It was absolutely delicious.  The funny thing is, the thing we liked the least was their choice of tea, even though it was still good!  After eating my fill of carbs *yep I gave in* we headed back to the streets of Killarney and decided to walk to St. Mary's Cathedral and get some photos since we had driven past it and thought it beautiful.  Mass was being held when we got there and something we noticed was that it was almost all elderly women in the congregation.  It was a very sweet moment to see them on their knees in prayer. While we are Christian and not Catholic, the churches here take us to a very peaceful place.
Near the church is an entrance to Killarney National Park so we headed into it to walk further.  Shortly inside the gate was a sign saying Ross Castle was 2.7 kilometers, so mom suggested we walk it.  I'm in!  By the time we got to Ross Castle, the sun was setting...let me say the pictures I got on my iphone (didn't take my Nikon with me) don't even do it justice. 
After admiring the view one more time we began the treck back to our hotel.  Another 1.5 miles.  It was a great walk altogether. According to my heart rate monitor (I wear it to work out and track my burn) I burnt 500 calories, so yay! Part of those carbs were put to use!
Tomorrow we venture the hour drive to Cork but will be stopping at Blarney and Barryscourt Castles.  Weather should hopefully be better than today!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ireland Day 4: Cliffs of Moher and things along the way

Finally!!! The day I've been waiting for. How do I have words to describe today?  My soul is peaceful as I sit here drinking Barry's tea, listening to Celtic Woman, and waiting for my photos to upload.  Today was everything I dreamed it would be and then some. 
Sadly we checked out of Marless House this morning and hit the road at 9am headed for Dunguaire Castle and on to Cliffs of Moher. 
I had read several posts on Trip Advisor recommending to just photograph the castle and not pay the money to go in and tour it...I figured I'd make up my mind when we got there....Turns out I went with the recommendations and didn't pay to enter.  It's beautiful from afar, but considering the castles we're going to later this week I figured I'd pass, my mom was in agreement.
I had also read several recommendations for the Burren Chocolatier so we stopped there....cute little shop and beautiful looking chocolates, but the woman who ran the shop was frankly down right rude to her employee and when I said I had heard of her shop on TA she started a diatribe on how she dislikes TA and doesn't support it whatsoever.  Ummm, well, lady, it brought a customer to your little shop...

Further on down the road we ran into this gem, Bishops Quarter Graveyard.  You know we had to get out and take photos! 
Boy was I getting antsy to get to the Cliffs!! They were literally tugging on my heartstrings and pulling me towards them.  Again, I have no words to describe today and the Cliffs.  Walking along the Cliff Walk, taking pictures, smiling and talking with all of the other tourists, taking pictures for others, letting them take ours, listening to the waves hit the rocky depths....and THEN  as if that wasn't enough......Mom and I got the dear honor and walking up on a young man and woman....The man had just proposed...literally just proposed.  It was the most amazing moment I have witnessed in a long time...Even now tears come to my eyes thinking about it.  Because you know what else?  A professional photographer on vacation from Virginia Beach just happened to be walking by them at the same time as us too, and what did he do?  He started taking their pics....for free! He posed them and totally set up multiple shots and they exchanged emails for him to send them the photos.  How incredible.  I am just beyond words for the magical moment we witnessed and the kindness that photographer showed....How about that for perfect timing????????
After the Cliffs it was a 3 hour drive to our new hotel in Killarney, the Randles Court Hotel.  The room is great so far! We'll be having breakfast in the morning before we head out to the Ring of Kerry so we'll see if they can match up to Marless House. 
Up next: Ring of Kerry

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ireland Day 3: Kylemore, Connemara, and Clifden

Today started out with an amazing breakfast at Marless House.  Mary is by far the best B&B hostess I have ever met.  It has been a few years since the last B&B I stayed in, but mom and I stayed in quite a few when I was in my early teens.  Mom agrees with me on this.  On Trip Advisor Mary has been recommended for her scones, so I definitely ordered a scone with my breakfast along with scrambled eggs and helped myself to her fruit bar.  Ummm may have had some of her homemade brown bread as well.  shhhh don't tell.
Before I start on the happenings of the day, here are a few musings that mom and I have noticed: There are a lot fewer public restrooms (called Toilets) here than in the states, something we definitely take for granted!  Something we like here is that there are barely any fast food places to be found, especially not on every street corner.  Along with that, gas stations are not on every street corner either....which must be a problem for the back road people here!  Do they keep barrels of fuel at their homes?  Another thing we Americans take for granted is mirrors in the Toilets.  None of the public restrooms we've been in so far have had mirrors above the sinks.  How vein we are!  The car we're driving is basically a piece of metal on A/C, no shocks, no elbow rest, etc...I don't know how these cars make it here with all the pot holes and bumps in the road.

On the list for today was the 2nd thing I was most looking forward to in Ireland so I was anxious to start the day.  The drive from Salthill to Kylemore Abbey was adventurous to say the least.  The speed limit on most of the road is 100 km....which is something like 60 mph I you're driving these windy twisty barely 2 lane roads at 60 mph???  I think Mom had a heart attack on me at least 3 times and I know I did almost once.  But even with that, I will say that we are feeling more acclimated now.

First up, Kylemore Abbey!  The thing I was 2nd most looking forward to.  The story of love surrounding this amazing estate is still sitting with me tonight.  This man, Mitchell Henry, not only loved his wife so much that he built her this home (took 4 years to complete 1867-1871), but when she died in Egypt from dysentery, he had her body brought home, interred here, and built a Gothic chapel in remembrance of her. It's called The Miniature Cathedral and the quote on the placard outside of it tells a beautiful story of his love for her. Here is part of it: Mitchell wanted to show his love for Margaret in a way that would last through time...this beautiful neo-gothic church is his tribute to her.

I had been told by multiple people that we should eat at the Kylemore Abbey cafe and try their scones(yes scones again!) we did.  I will say that Mary's scones BY FAR beat Kylemore Abbey's.  Their food was good, but the scones, I'm unsure why so many people recommended them to me.  Today was my last carb day for the rest of this trip!

After spending a couple of hours at the Abbey, we headed to Connemara National Park and hiked for a little over an hour.  It was a great way to work off those carbs.  On our way down the hill, we met up with an older couple who had just come down the bigger mountain.  They were 74 and 70 and so inspiring!  The husband had a stroke 4 years ago. Can you believe? Going from a stroke to hiking a 74!  And their Irish accents, oh their was perfect.
After the hike we drove on to the town of Clifden....I had heard of it before we travelled but I wasn't too interested in visiting it, so I hadn't planned to stop.
We stayed for about an hour....mostly to use the wifi in the bakery and drink tea.....oh did you think I was going to go through a post and not mention the tea again? :)  Had above 5 cups today and drinking one currently...not to mention that while we were in Clifden we stopped at the grocery store and bought Barry's tea to take back home with us.
On the way back from Clifden we saw a brown marker for a castle so decided to pull off since it was still daylight....SOOOO GLAD WE DID! This hidden gem is Aughnanure Castle.  It was after hours so we couldn't go in, but just walking up to it was breathtaking enough....I've got the wikipedia on it open on another tab and am currently reading through it.
After that quick detour, we found another one!  I have no idea what this one is called because it was right behind a school and cemetery and there were no signs for it, just random ruins, but it was down a road by Brigit Gardens if anyone knows....
Have I mentioned how beautiful the sunsets here are?  Absolutely gorgeous!
Next stop Cliffs of Moher (the 1st thing on my must see list) and then on to Killarney.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ireland Dreams Come True 2014 - Days .5-2.0

It's about 9:30 at night here in Ireland and I am sitting on my bed in the Marless House B&B in Salthill sipping a cuppa Barry's Tea.  It's probably about my 10th cup of tea in 2 days.  The tea here is incredible!  So as I sip my tea and upload pictures to photobucket I figured it was about time I get this blog started. I title this post days 0.5 to 2.0 because I'm considering my traveling day to be 0.5. 

Day 0.5
The day started with Mom texting me from the airport saying that she had been waiting in the security line for a long time and I should come early for my flight (we flew seperately since I had booked my ticket in January and she booked later this summer).  I had everything packed already and was just curling my hair, so I threw everything in the car and headed to the Aero parking lot.  I wish someone could have recorded the panic inside my head as I drove.  Did I forget anything because of leaving so fast?
I made it to the airport and got in line for the security check.  This was the worst I have ever seen airport security. They were yelling at people young and old.  Made a foreign teenager cry when you could clearly see she just didn't understand them and was overwhelmed. One of the agents threw a laptop bag belonging to the couple in front of me and when they spoke up about it she told them they could go to another airport if they had problems with it. While I was waiting in line I saw a man in a wheel chair with just a brief case get searched....after I made it through security he was still getting searched 
On the flight out of Seattle the guy next to me looked at his ticket wrong and sat in the wrong seat. When the correct passenger came to sit, he wouldn't budge and security had to be called. I had a middle seat that flight (insert big frown face here).
My layover was in Chicago and I had to go through security again. As I was putting my stuff in the clear bin I was asked to wait and let a group of 5 French pilots go in front of me. 5 turned into 40 and meanwhile the line behind me just kept getting longer. I stood there for 15 more minutes before I finally got to go through.  One thing I will say is that the agents at Chicago are far nicer.  I stopped to ask directions to my gate a couple of times and everyone I spoke with was helpful.
On my second flight I got the privilege of sitting next to the sweetest retired couple from Phoenix.  We talked for a long time over the course of our 7 hour flight.  They are here in Ireland doing a limo guided (yes limo!) tour.  It made the flight go quickly and I truly enjoyed talking with them.
Day 1
Mom's and my flights both arrived to Dublin at the same time so we ended up finding each other in the customs line.  Thank God! It was 9:30am and we were running on adrenaline.  Off we went to catch a cab!  Our cab driver was quite the chatty fellow and we felt instantly welcomed to this Emerald Isle. We got to our hotel, The Morrison by Hilton, and a room was actually ready for us.  We freshened up a little and headed out.  First stop, Grafton Street. After playing with makeup (of course) in the Brown Thomas department store, we walked around the city, stopping at Dublin Castle and St. Patrick's Cathedral.

After touring St. Patrick's, we wandered around the city some more, walking past Christ Church Cathedral as well, although we didn't go into that one. After seeing St Patrick's, I doubt that anything will compare.
Let's talk about the most important thing....wifi!  That park outside St Patrick's offered free wifi....well mom and I spent forever trying to get our phones to hook to it.  No dice.  We are loving our journey and love being able to share it with our family across the seas.
Dinner time we headed to Hard Rock Dublin...I know I know, why didn't we eat at a pub?  Because I couldn't come to Dublin and not go to the Hard Rock...well, after going I can now say I wish I would have left that off the list...The food was bland so was the decor, especially for a Hard Rock. We were both feeling the time difference after that and headed back to the hotel.  Mom headed to bed and I headed to the hotel gym.
Did  I mention the severe dehydration we've both been experiencing?  The air over here has completed zapped us.  I've been drinking water non stop (besides drinking tea, which I'm now on my second cup for this post). 
Day 2.0
We hailed a taxi and headed to the airport rental cars. Before coming on this trip I had researched a lot on driving over here. In Ireland they drive on the right side of the car and the left side of the road. 
Off we went in our tiny Nissan Micra.  I was actually really surprised how easy it was to adjust to the driving.
Stop of the day: Clonmacnoise Monastic Ruins, County Offaly, Ireland
After stopping at Clonmacnoise we headed on to Galway, our home for the next 2 nights.  We wandered around the streets of Galway and finally headed to our B&B around 7pm.  The Marless House B&B ran by Mary Geraghty. After settling in we walked to O'Connor's Famous Pub and along the Salthill Promenade.  Altogether a wonderful day.
Up next, Kylemore Abbey and Connemara National Park.