Ireland Day 4: Cliffs of Moher and things along the way

Finally!!! The day I've been waiting for. How do I have words to describe today?  My soul is peaceful as I sit here drinking Barry's tea, listening to Celtic Woman, and waiting for my photos to upload.  Today was everything I dreamed it would be and then some. 
Sadly we checked out of Marless House this morning and hit the road at 9am headed for Dunguaire Castle and on to Cliffs of Moher. 
I had read several posts on Trip Advisor recommending to just photograph the castle and not pay the money to go in and tour it...I figured I'd make up my mind when we got there....Turns out I went with the recommendations and didn't pay to enter.  It's beautiful from afar, but considering the castles we're going to later this week I figured I'd pass, my mom was in agreement.
I had also read several recommendations for the Burren Chocolatier so we stopped there....cute little shop and beautiful looking chocolates, but the woman who ran the shop was frankly down right rude to her employee and when I said I had heard of her shop on TA she started a diatribe on how she dislikes TA and doesn't support it whatsoever.  Ummm, well, lady, it brought a customer to your little shop...

Further on down the road we ran into this gem, Bishops Quarter Graveyard.  You know we had to get out and take photos! 
Boy was I getting antsy to get to the Cliffs!! They were literally tugging on my heartstrings and pulling me towards them.  Again, I have no words to describe today and the Cliffs.  Walking along the Cliff Walk, taking pictures, smiling and talking with all of the other tourists, taking pictures for others, letting them take ours, listening to the waves hit the rocky depths....and THEN  as if that wasn't enough......Mom and I got the dear honor and walking up on a young man and woman....The man had just proposed...literally just proposed.  It was the most amazing moment I have witnessed in a long time...Even now tears come to my eyes thinking about it.  Because you know what else?  A professional photographer on vacation from Virginia Beach just happened to be walking by them at the same time as us too, and what did he do?  He started taking their pics....for free! He posed them and totally set up multiple shots and they exchanged emails for him to send them the photos.  How incredible.  I am just beyond words for the magical moment we witnessed and the kindness that photographer showed....How about that for perfect timing????????
After the Cliffs it was a 3 hour drive to our new hotel in Killarney, the Randles Court Hotel.  The room is great so far! We'll be having breakfast in the morning before we head out to the Ring of Kerry so we'll see if they can match up to Marless House. 
Up next: Ring of Kerry


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